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Did you know that youth sports is a Multi-Billion dollar industry?

As parents we dream of having our children grow up to become college and professional athletes and we are willing to make an enormous investment to reach this goal. But often we have to do it with very little information about the sports camps or training programs available to our children. The information we receive is mostly word-of-mouth and many times we find that it isn't the right fit for our child or family. That's why we want to change the game.

By Helping Parents

By creating a community of parents that share information and details about different programs and experiences, SportOroo will allow parents to better answer questions like...

  • What is the time commitment?
  • How much does it really cost?
  • Where do they practice?

The goal is to learn as much as you can prior to enrolling your child and making the overall investment so that you can be confident the program, sport, trainer or camp is the right fit for you.

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By Helping Providers

We want parents to find you and your program. We have found that many directors spend so much time on the communicating, trying to find players, trying to find gyms, and working on a website that you lose touch with why you got involved in the first place, which is to coach and teach kids. Let us help you communicate the many options that might be available to parents in order to create stronger teams, stronger athletes, and better educated parents. Many parents are looking for a solution for their children but aren't sure where to go and who to contact. Posting information will make the process easier for them to contact you.

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Making it Easy to Use

It is simple for parents and providers.

  • Pick what sport you are interested in
  • Determine if you want a team, camp, trainer or facility
  • Provide your child's age
  • Let the system start searching

SportOroo will share what other parents are saying about the program, how it is rated, and other important information from the provider to allow you to make the best all round decision for your child.

Creating Community

Sports = Teamwork. If we all work together as one community with a common goal of creating lifelong athletes, we can help each other find the right fit and create a positive experience for our children, for the parents, for the directors, and volunteers. If we can work together we can all spend more time on the sports themselves versus the search for the right partners.

Not every camp, tournament, team or league is for everyone. We all have different needs, priorities and budgets. If we share our experiences with each other we believe the final product will be better overall matches of parents, children and programs.

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