How It Works - Directors

Club sports is one of the fastest growing areas in youth sports. It is our goal to help parents and youth athletes to find you and get to know you.

Some of you have awesome and elaborate websites, while others have very little information on the web and are located by word of mouth. We want to help you to get noticed and to drive more parents in your direction.

I can't tell you how many times we hear from parents, "If I had only known about this club before I joined another one" this could be due to location, age of team, cost etc. The other is my child would like to play this sport, what do I do...

Please create an account and update the profile to allow parents to locate you and determine if you are the right program for them.

Once you update and submit your information you are in position to help and support even more kids before because they will be able to find you!

If you are an club director and want your club listed, but aren't quite sure how or you have questions. Just contact us and we would love to help!

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