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 I wanted to introduce you to a new website www. that you might be interested in checking out. We (my husband, some IT professionals and I) created a website that allows people to locate, rate and communicate about club sports. Due to the limited knowledge that is available regarding club sports we have put in the work and money and researched all of the AAU clubs for each sport including volleyball, (we have a long way to go to capture all youth sports organizations with is our ultimate goal) but in all have 300,000 clubs currently listed with the ability to reach out to those clubs. You also have the ability to rate those clubs to allow others the ability to understand better the culture or ins and outs of that club before making a significant financial commitment. It is always hard to make the commitment and then find out something you wish you would have known. 

How can you contribute and help?
1.     You can sign up for free with an anonymous profile to research and rate a club.
2.     You can let us know if you have a club that is not listed so we can list it for others to find and for you to rate. Please dm me.
3.     Be entertained by our blog as we also have that, and we would love to have ideas presented/shared that you would like us to research and blog about.
4.     You can also post information and questions in our Reddit community portal.
5.     What else could we do to make this a useful site for parents such as yourself?
6.     You can share the website with others to allow us to continue increase the number of raters on the website as that is how we will best help each other and ultimately our kids.

This is something I became passionate about 7 years ago as we moved around a lot as a family and finding the right program for our children was always a huge struggle - we never got it right the first time. I also have seen the very good in programs and things that were concerning that I was told happened every year with clubs and coaches. I just wish I would have been prepared or been able to make an educated decision. 

This is a free site; we don't make any money at this time. But want to make our sincere contribution to youth sports and other parents.    Overall youth sports has been good to our family. 

Thank you in advance for helping us with our mission to create more education for parents prior to making a decision that can affect our children's passion and love for a sport.

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