Life Long Lover of Sport

Growing up in a small town outside of Pittsburgh with our home town sports hero, Arnold Palmer, I fondly remember my first memories of love of sport.

Latrobe, Pennsylvania was 100% small town.  Kids who played sports played football for the local Pee Wee football  team, in the winter for the Junior Pro basketball league, during spring we played baseball in the Little League.  Sure there were other sports that kids played like tennis, golf, hockey.....

No matter want the sport or the season, the dream was to make the varsity team and get a Letterman's Jacket

The coaches, when we were in grenade school and middle school, were all volunteer and mostly parents of the boys I played with.   In high school, they were teaches that coached as well.

Everybody knew everybody.   No real choices.   No personal trainers.  No real money spent to play a sport we loved.  

As an adult I realize the world has changed.  There are new teams, coaches and players every year, families have choices to what team they play for.  Personal trainers are part of the game at a very early age.  A lot of money is required,

Sportoroo is designed to help families make the right choices to allow for the best situation for all.  Our vision is to allow more families to find their way through the maze of information by building a virtual community to allow the experience to result in a Life Long Lover of Sport

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